Digital Presence for All


AEO and GoDaddy are teaming up to provide a premium digital marketing curriculum and expert support and services to business owners around the United States. This 12-month technical assistance program equips entrepreneurs in underserved communities with training, tools, and a network of similar businesses to help them establish and improve an effective digital presence. Selected AEO member organizations receive a $10,000 grant to implement this program in their local markets and receive GoDaddy’s GoCommunities content and coaching.


What is GoCommunities?

GoCommunities is GoDaddy’s philanthropic and social impact program that equips entrepreneurs in underserved communities with the training, tools, and networks that they need to accelerate their small business.


Learn more about GoCommunities and hear from some of the entrepreneurs they serve in this video:


The Story

AEO’s new Innovation Hub model uses the power of collaboration to help members accomplish a deeper impact on Main Street. Our partnership with GoDaddy combines our model and GoDaddy’s expertise to make Main Street an even more inclusive space. Digital Presence for All expands access to digital marketing expertise to business owners from all socioeconomic background by preparing them with skills and information that equalize the playing field.  


What to Expect

Successful applicants will receive a $10,000 grant to implement this program in their local markets and receive GoDaddy content and coaching. In addition, AEO and GoDaddy will provide support.

The requirements for participating organizations include:

  1. Ensure a minimum of 50 small business owners complete the digital marketing program utilizing the materials provided through the Digital Presence for All partnership.
  2. Collect and report qualitative and quantitative feedback. This could be in the form but not limited to surveys, interviews, data collection and research
  3. Collect standard feedback regarding program participants
  4. Appoint a Project Coordinator who can attend the following:
    • An in-person convening at the beginning of the program. Travel costs will be included as part of the partnership.
    • Monthly conference call check-ins
    • An in-person convening at the close of the program
  5. Enter into a formal agreement with AEO


The Application Period Is Now Closed.

Check back later for updates.