AEO Partner Update: WE Decide 2016

June 21, 2016

AEO Partner Update: WE Decide 2016


AEO partner Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) is putting entrepreneurship in front of candidates this election through WE Decide 2016.

With Election Day less than five months away, the candidates are blasting the media with their take on business, taxes, jobs and the economy. AEO is working to ensure that entrepreneurs are part of that conversation. That is why we are supporting our partner Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)and their initiative WE Decide 2016, where women entrepreneurs have the opportunity to share their opinions and make sure their voice is heard. Please consider encouraging your clients and entrepreneurs to join in!

For the next two weeks, WE Decide 2016 will focus on an issue critical to AEO and our mission: access to capital. Starting today, WE Decide 2016’s poll will focus on the capital needs of entrepreneurs taking the pulse on the financing and credit issues that are impacting microbusinesses. Please encourage those you know to take the poll.

In addition, microbusinesses, entrepreneurs and AEO members are encouraged to join the conversation on June 30th for WE Decide 2016’s twitter chat on access to capital.

Let’s make sure the voice of women entrepreneurs is heard with WE Decide 2016. In an election year with a lot of noise, it will be critical to use forums like WE Decide 2016 to raise issues impacting all of microbusiness.  

About WE Decide 2016

WE Decide 2016 is a collaboration between WIPP and Personal BlackBox (PBB)to provide a platform for women entrepreneurs to reach out to candidates with their concerns during the 2016 elections. WE Decide 2016 engages women business owners and women entrepreneurs to focus our message. The opinions shared through this initiative will culminate in a policy platform, which will be shared with the candidates at both national conventions.

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