Industry News - December 18, 2018

December 18, 2018

Morgan Stanley Calls Out Investor Bias Against Women, Minorities

Businesses run by women and people of color receive a sliver of the funding that those run by white men do. A new report from Morgan Stanley puts a finer point on why: Investors are biased.

Source: Bloomberg

'We’re Coming After You': Inside the Merchant Cash Advance Industry 

Are merchant cash advances salvation for small businesses or payday lending by another name? As lawsuits and defaults pile up, there are growing questions about what this industry actually is.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Small business, the Casualty of Rising Interest Rates

As interest rates rise, access to capital is increasingly restricted for the small businesses that make up the core of the American economy.

Source: The Washington Times

Banks Are Approving Small Business Loans at Rates Not Seen Since Before The Great Recession 

Approvals of loan applications from small business owners reached (26.9%) at big banks, while small banks granted over 50% of the small business funding requests they received in November 2018.

Source: Forbes 

How Banks Can Help Close the Small Business Funding Gap

Entrepreneurship among women of color has grown 163% in eleven years, yet a funding gap persists for women and minority-owned businesses. Learn what banks can do to diversify small business lending.

Source: Forbes


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