Industry News - February 6, 2019

February 6, 2019

Newark-Based Fintech Startup Credibility Capital is Disrupting Small Business Lending

Credibility has developed a platform that matches high-quality businesses with high-quality loan options that offer lower-APR loans.

Source: ROI

Forgiving Student Loan Debt and May Supercharge Entrepreneurship and the Economy

A particularly dangerous anti-growth effect of record student debt is its depressive impact on entrepreneurship. According to a 2016 SBA report, millennials are the least entrepreneurial generation in recent history.

Source: The Hill

5 Small Business Grants for Black Women Entrepreneurs in 2019

One of the significant obstacles women-owned businesses face is unequal access to funding. One alternative is seeking small business grants to provide the capital needed to start or grow a business.

Source: Black Enterprise 

SBA Loans Got Hit During Government Shutdown, But Lenders Rally

Local lenders offer guidance and workarounds to new and existing borrowers in a time of uncertainty.

Source: Upstate Business Journal

The Shutdown Has Ended, Yet Some Small Businesses Still Struggle To Move Forward

The partial government shutdown has come to an end. Yet for small-business owners who are waiting on loans, the clock is still ticking.

Source: CNBC

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