The Voice: Industry News - September 17, 2018

September 17, 2018

Momentum is Building for Small-Dollar Loans 

U.S. Bank’s announcement that it will begin offering a new small installment loan could be the start of an era in which banks and credit unions offer small-dollar loans that consumers can afford. 

Source: American Banker 

New York Sues the OCC Over Fintech Charter Rule 

The lawsuit alleges that the new fintech charter rule could enable online lenders, cryptocurrency exchanges and alternative payment firms to operate without the need for a banking partner. 

Source: Finextra 

eBay's Global Marketplace Focuses on Minority Businesses 

The central platform for connecting buyers and sellers, has turned its attention to helping black entrepreneurs expand their businesses. 

Source: Forbes 

Breaking Up Big Tech Could Have Bad Consequences for Minority-Owned Businesses 

Arguments for a “break up of big tech”come with a fundamental misunderstanding of the critical role digital platforms plays in the economy, particularly for businesses of color. 

Source: Townhall 

What Millions of Retiring Small Business Owners Could Mean for Cities 

Roughly 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day in the United States. They don’t all own small businesses, but their aging presents an opportunity for more workers to own businesses. 

Source: Next City 

NCUA Gets Paltry Response on New Risk-Based Capital Proposal 

After receiving a record number of comments on its risk-based capital proposal in 2014, the NCUA received just 37 letters following last month’s call for comment on a proposal to modify the rule 

Source: Credit Union Journal

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