The Voice: Industry News - September 25, 2018

September 24, 2018

OCC’s Otting: Why Do State Regulators Want to Limit Consumer Choice? 

The OCC’s decision to accept special purpose national bank charter applications from fintechs promotes innovation, gives consumers more choice, and creates economic growth and opportunity. 

Source: American Banker 

The Small Business Administration’s Misguided Plan to Eliminate SBA en Español 

On Sept. 17, much of the content was eliminated from the SBA en español homepage. The SBA intends to replace this resource with a Google Translate version of the English-language SBA website. 

Source: The Hill 

The Digitization of Banks Disproportionately Hurts Women Entrepreneurs 

This rapid digital transformation has clear downsides for entrepreneurs in general and women in particular. 

Source: Harvard Business Review 

Why Foundations Should Step up Their Game in Impact Investing 

5 impact investors, researchers, and others recently met at a two-and-a-half day pow-wow in Sheffield, Mass., to focus on the role of philanthropy and foundations in creating “impact economy.” 

Source: Forbes 

Small-Biz Talks: Funding Circle on Small Business Lending 

Bernardo Martinez, Managing Director of Funding Circle U.S., shares how Funding Circle is changing up the landscape online P2P marketplaces and how he sees the market continuing to evolve. 

Source: ValuePenguin 

Women-owned Firms Are Growing at Double the Rate of Firms Owned by Men 

Women-owned businesses are on the rise, driven by growth in primarily fast-growing service sectors where women have traditionally made up a larger share of employees. 

Source: Yahoo Finance 

Impact Investing Is Booming—but Not Nearly Enough to Make Radical Change 

In the past year, the value of the impact investing market roughly doubled to $228B in assets under management, but that’s still a drop in the bucket of what’s needed to make real-world change. 

Source: Fast Company

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