Privacy Policy

To assist in building membership, AEO regularly exchanges names, addresses (including e-mail and web address), and telephone numbers of its members with other national and/or nonprofit organizations involved in microenterprise who may solicit or make other contact with you by mail, email, or phone or post this information on their website in an attempt to educate practitioners and/or potential entrepreneurs on the microenterprise industry. Often the purpose of the exchange of names is to promote/market conferences and training events as well as industry publications. It is important to note that AEO does not sell its membership list to any party and will not exchange its list with a for profit company trying to sell AEO members random items. However, note that the AEO member contact information posted on the AEO website is public information. As a result it is possible for a party to access that information and contact you.

Because it helps us to obtain the names of additional potential members and supporters for the field, we hope that you will continue to allow us to exchange your name, address (including email and web address), and phone number with legitimate national and/or nonprofit organizations involved in microenterprise.